Kwant’s work touches on themes of global migration, displacement and the politics of representation. Working across mediums of photography, screen printing and moving image her work engages with some of the key geo- political issues of our times. Underpinning her practice is a socially engaged approach to research, Kwant often works directly with affected community groups, listening and responding to personal stories. Her work seeks to invite the viewer into a dialogue, exposing and uncovering that which has been marginalized or suppressed in society. Colour and text play an important role in her print work, opening up space to critique the status quo and media representations.

In Transit, is Kwant’s most recent and ongoing project. Here the artist is seen performing a series of movements in site specific locations; a shipping container site, a stately home, beside the Mediterranean Sea and in the Spanish port of Algeciras. Produced after a series of conversations with asylum seekers from The Boaz Trust in Manchester, the artist is seen embodying the positions and postures of a migrant ‘in transit’; crouching, hiding, curled up, falling, lying down... The bodily postures echo those of the personal stories she heard. Performing them in specific locations the artist acts as both activist and prophet. The work is recorded on HD video with sound. The geographical locations of the film and performance were chosen carefully- the port of Algeciras marks the most westerly migration route in the Mediterranean, countless Sub- Saharan Africans attempt to cross the Straits of Gibraltar each year, countless others camp in the forests of Northern Morocco waiting for their chance to cross the straits, too many loose their lives in the crossing. Performing this work in a National Trust stately home in Derbyshire, Kwant makes reference to the colonial history of migration, it’s legacy in the slave trade and the questionable source of the money, which built many of Britain's stately homes. Kwant plans to film the next part of In Transit in June 2018 in the port of Tangier Morocco, where many migrants begin their journey to Europe.

Kwant’s history and context have deeply influenced her practice. During her MA she researched contemporary art from The Middle East, later founding Zellij Arts, an artist led project supporting and exhibiting work by emerging artists from the Middle East and diaspora. Studies in Arabic, and time spent living in both Morocco and Qatar have deeply influenced her practice. Presently she lives and works in Manchester, within one of the most multi-cultural areas in the city. For the past 8 years she has led a number of participatory art projects with refugees and asylum seekers in the city, these personal encounters have often informed later works.

Recent exhibitions include; Still No Longer At Ease, IWAYA Community Arts Festival, Lagos, Nigeria, curated by Aderemi Adegbite, ICAF Lagos, 2017 | Mediterranea DOK Artist Space , Edinburgh. Curated by Olivia Turner, 2017 | In Nothing Flat, Studiobook 17 group exhibition, Old Granada Studios, Manchester, curated by Mark Devereux Projects, 2017 | Greater Manchester Arts Prize, Group exhibition selected by Helen Wewiora (Director of Castlefield Gallery), Paulette Terry Brien (Co-director of The International 3, and Co-curatorial co-ordinator of The Manchester Contemporary), Rachel Goodyear (Artist), Louise Durose (Collector), Andrew Brooks (Photographer), 2017 | Framing the Crisis, Group exhibition curated by Vault Collective at System Gallery Newcastle accompanied by a public seminar "Re-imagining the Nation: Togetherness, Belonging and Mobility" led by Dr Claire Sutherland (Durham Univeristy) 2017 | Mediterranea, Nomas Projects, Dundee, 2017.